Hagins Law Firm

You may be looking for a lawyer for a number of reasons. Maybe you have been charged with a crime or maybe you just want to sit down with someone to discuss how to ensure your children will receive an inheritance from you with minimal tax consequences. You know you want someone experienced but are not sure what to look for beyond that.

At the Hagins Law Firm we realize hiring an attorney is not a decision most people are used to. You come to an attorney because you realize that whatever your problem it not only affects you, but it also affects your family, your reputation, and can have an impact that lasts generations. Your case is not about your next court hearing or writing a will, it is about creating a solution for you, your family, the generations that will be impacted by the decisions you make.

I know this from my more than ten years of practicing law as a federal prosecutor, the head lawyer at the State Law Enforcement Division, and the Estate Planning Director for a major non-profit organization. Whether you are in trouble now or are seeking to avoid problems in the future, go to a lawyer who has experience and who understands the impact your decisions will have.